Do I need local IT support?

local it supportTechnology has certainly made remote support significantly easier, but there are still plenty of situations where having your IT support locally based makes a lot of sense!

The simple fact remains that companies are still constrained to local visits when they have a software fault that prevents remote support, or a hardware fault (which usually requires an onsite presence to troubleshoot and resolve). If you pay an hourly rate for your IT support, you're almost certainly paying for travel costs. If you have fixed priced contract then great, but don't forget it's possible that the cost of the contract can take into account your distance from the provider so you could be paying for it anyway.

Virtual Desktop providers generally have a low requirement to be onsite, because they'll probably be hosting all of your IT server infrastructure, and if there is an issue they will often use a local company to deal with onsite issues.

A major advantage to having local support however is the ability to have regular onsite visits from your IT support provider. These are a great way for them to build rapport with you and provide value, which it turn generates loyalty from you to them. Whether it's the tech turning up for a monthly health check, or Management coming in for a quarterly strategy and governance meeting, you can't beat face to face for building relationships.

People like to do business with people, and it's no different in the IT space - when you can put a face to a name you can build a more effective working relationship, and that's good for everyone. So do you need local IT support? Basically it can be better for your business relationship and better for your budget, so it's definitely worth considering.



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