Frequently Asked Questions

The below list will answer many of the common questions that our clients intially ask. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other queries.

Are we getting value for money?

This is the hardest question to answer, and it comes down to working out exactly what you need going forward, and getting other providers to quote on those requirements. In this way you are comparing the same thing between different offerings, and can then confidently compare price.

Can issues with my current IT support provider be resolved?

Absolutely! This is always something to aim for because at the end of the day changing IT Support is not a simple project and it does carry a certain amount of risk and potential downtime. In some cases there may be unrealistic expectations around the levels of support that should be provided. It's important to note that an IT Support compnay is a 'shared service provider', and that means they're doing things for other clients as well based on priorities. In saying that, if they're not meeting the SLAs that you've agreed to, that's a problem that needs to be fixed.

How do I compare apples with apples?

Unless you have an IT consultant with a technical background on your staff, this can be very difficult. That's why we get engaged and help companies make the right decision. Whether we build a 'Request for Proposal', or a simpler requirements document, you need to ensure that your business IT needs are clearly mapped out with no abiguity so that the offers can be directly compared.

How do I know if a new IT Support provider has good technology?

That's one of the things we'll look at, including the life of their core infrastructure and their upgarde policy. What it largely comes down to however is utilisation - a good IT Support provider will provide sufficient computing resources so that your IT services run smoothly. They should be flexible about providing more RAM and CPU as required if there are issues with performance post migration.

Is the grass really greener?

There always a risk in changing MSP, but at the end of the day if you are having major issues with your IT provider and we can't resolve them, then a move is a good thing. The trick however is ensuring that proper process is followed, and the correct expertise is used. In that way you'll find the right managed service provider, and meet the needs of your business.

Should we review our technology when changing IT Support provider?

When changing IT Support provider, it's the perfect time to have a think about what your company is doing longer term, and how IT needs to be helping achieve those goals. Ideally your company has a corporate strategic plan, and some companies also link an IT strategic plan to this. That's the ideal position, but for most companies with outsourced IT support, they don't do this because IT is largely about software, hardware and outsourced IT services. If required we can assist with the development of your IT strategic plan.

What are the risks in changing IT support provider?

Systems are often rebuilt (because a new MSP doesn't want to take ownership of someone elses system that may have been poorly managed), data has to be migrated, Wide Area Network links may have to be setup, and the list goes on. Quite simply, there's a lot to do, and with change comes risk. Generally the main risk is downtime, but a good MSP will be able to minimise this by building the systems first, and migrating the data over a weekend as an example. Downtime during business hours can carry a heavy cost for companies, so it's something we always push to avoid.

What if my current IT Support does not cooperate?

This is always a risk, as no one likes to lose business. At the end of the day the best thing to do is be honest and tell your current IT Support that you are considering testing the market, and that you have someone you are working with to ensure the process is unbaised. Most companes (especially the larger ones) will remain utterly professional and support you through the process and any changeover. It's important to note that you will be asking your IT Support provider to do work outside of their normal scope, so to keep them onside you would typically pay them an hourly rate for this work (e.g. to provide details for building the requirements documentation).

What other comparisons do you make between IT Support providers?

Cost is obviously important, but there are many other factors to consider such as SLAs; reputation; client testimonials; reporting; service desk performance; onsite meetings; governance meetings; capacity for change, age of technology and replacement schedule; feet on the ground etc. We look at the big picture to ensure that your requirements are met.

Will there be downtime when changing IT Support?

Systems can be setup in advance, and data can be migrated on a weekend or even overnight. A good IT Support company will be able to minimise downtime, and hopefully there is a window of opportunity that can be used for migrating data that will mean minimal or no impact on the business. But it is reasonable to expect some downtime, and there will generally be teething problems as the new MSP finds it feet with your staff and systems.



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