Benefits from Selecting the Right IT Support

There are massive benefits to be had in selecting the right IT Support for your company, and there are many issues that you need to try and avoid too! Broadly speaking, there are 5 main benefit areas:

tick Minimise delays and downtime
tick Identify and fix recurring problem areas in a reasonable timeframe
tick Identify and implement improvement activities
tick Build and keep a great working relationship with your MSP
tick Minimise your IT budget

All of these benefits are about cost! When you have issues like the ones below, you are incurring cost - it's that simple!

   Issues      Impacts
  Poor systems performance        Delays and downtime

  Slow issue response times    
  Failure to meet agreed SLAs    
  A lack of expertise to support business applications    
  Limited capacity for change projects    
  Poor experience at first point of contact    
  Relucatance to come onsite when required    
  Insufficient reporting     Inability to identify and target problem areas for resolution
  A lack of professionalism      A relucatance to contact the company for issues, which translates into delays and downtime
  No personal rapport with staff    
  No proactivity in providing solutions     Opportunity cost from missed improvements
  A lack of alignment with the business goals    
  Poor understanding of the business    
  High contract termination fees     Direct cost
  Rollover clauses on contract    
  Excessive contract costs    

Have a look at the 10 step process we normally use to help companies select their new IT Support, and you'll quickly see how complex the undertaking is, and why it's so important to get it right the first time around!




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