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Information Technology spend can take up a large chunk of the corporate budget, and finding a new IT Support provider can be a daunting process that you just don't want to get wrong! Most companies don't have the in-house expertise to initiate and manage a change project like this, and a poor decision can have serious performance and cost ramifications on your business, potentially over the life of a multi year contract. Conversely, a good decision will minimise your IT spend, and maximise IT service and uptime. The gap between outcomes for a poor selection process vs a good selection process is huge, and that's why companies will sometimes use us to run the end to end process - essentially we save them more money than if they did it themselves!

Here's how we typically conduct the entire process:

1 - Consider resolving issues (price or performance) with current IT Support. This should always be the starting point, because changing provider is a complex undertaking with associated risk. Read more...

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2 - Look to the future: Where is the organisation going and how should your technology support it going forward. Don't just assume that your IT setup now will be what you need in 5 or 10 years. Read more...

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3- Map out the required IT services or initiatives to be supported: It's critical to accurately document what IT services are required to be delivered by your new IT Support, and this process needs to incorporate any feedback from step 2 above. Read more...

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4 - Build the request for proposal: At this stage you start pulling together everything into a concise document that tells IT Support Providers what you want them to quote on (whether that is specific technologies, or iniatives that need a solution). This can be a formal RFP, or a basic word document, but unless you have clarity around what you're asking for, you'll be getting different proposals that cannot be easily compared. Read more...

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5 - Find a suitable list of IT Support providers to approach: Select a shortlist of providers that you want to approach for a quote. It's important to know that different companies have different strengths and weaknesses, and to find a group that is best suited to your requirements. It helps to have a great search tool like the one on this website to use! Read more...

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6 - Collate; compare; question: Proposals can be easily compared as the providers will all have quoted on the same requirements, and further questions can be asked where clarification is required. Read more...

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7 - Request modifications to proposals: If a proposal does not meet your requirements in any way, the IT Support provider can be asked to modify the proposal. Where a critical (i.e. must have) requirement is not met, the company cannot be considered as an option. Read more...

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8 - Final review of proposals: Once all questions have been asked and proposals changes finalised, the final comparison can be undertaken to make a decision. Read more...

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9 - Review and award: Select the successful IT Support provider, get them to provide you with a contract, and then go through the contract with a fine tooth comb to make sure there are no surprises. Then have a look at what other customers think of the IT Support provider. Signing happens once all your requirements are met, and you are happy that they will be able to meet your expectations. Read more...

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10 - Migrate to the new IT Support company: Now comes the complexity and risk, and this is where a good project manager is highly valuable! One will normally be provided by the MSP, but it's good to have someone impartial on your side throughout the process. It's imperative to ensure that migration activites are as seamless as possible, and minimise disruption and dowtime for your business. Read more...


If the above steps sound easy, then fantastic and good luck! If you think you need help with any of the above, feel free to get in touch. It might also be worth while having a look at the benefits of our process, and the FAQ section which will answer many questions.





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