Step 1 - Consider resolving issues with your IT Support provider2 activeStep 3 - Map out the required IT servicesStep 4 - Build the Request for ProposalStep 5 - Find a suitable list of IT Support providersStep 6 - Collate, compare and questionStep 7 - Request modifications to proposalsStep 8 - Final review of proposalsStep 9 - Review contract and award10

Step 2 - Look to the Future

When many companies change IT Support provider, they miss out on a golden opportunity to look at how their IT function can be servicing their company into the future. Why just assume that what you’ve got now is the best way of doing things going forward? Your tech and processes were probably setup a while ago, and your company is probably doing new things and looking to achieve new results! For example:

  • Is your company becoming increasingly mobile?
  • Do your staff need to communicate via voice and video wherever they go?
  • Should you move more of your IT services to the cloud?
  • Do you need data to flow better within the company?
  • Is capacity required around information analytics to more accurately serve your market?

How to best plan for the future

There are a few things to consider here:

  • IT is the engine, not the car - so before you plan in IT for what the future holds, you do business planning first. Then IT can ensure that whatever initiatives it comes up with, they support the direction of the company, and basically help it get there faster and more efficiently.
  • You don’t need to be looking for specific technical solutions at this stage – these are IT initiatives that help meet business requirements.
  • IT planning requires someone who understands IT planning. Whether you pay for a consultant to come in for a chat, or to produce an IT strategic plan or an IT roadmap, it’s probably well worth the cost. Think about how much money you’ll spend over the lifetime of your MSP contract, and how good decisions in IT can get your company to where it wants to go. Then think about the cost or lost opportunity by not identifying the right initiatives. There’s a big gap in there!

So once you have your future iniatives all mapped out, it’s time to start pulling this all together.

The Next Step: Map Out the Required IT Services...



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