Step 1 - Consider resolving issues with your IT Support providerStep 2 - Look to the FutureStep 3 - Map out the required IT servicesStep 4 - Build the Request for ProposalStep 5 - Find a suitable list of IT Support providersStep 6 - Collate, compare and questionStep 7 - Request modifications to proposalsStep 8 - Final review of proposalsStep 9 - Review contract and award10

Step 7 - Request Modifications to Proposals

It's time to true up the proposals. You'll have list of things with each provider that you need clarifcation on, and at this stage you send them that list and ask them to modify their proposal to meet your requirements. Generally speaking requirements should be based around "must have", "should have", and "nice to have", so if they can't meet any of the "must have" requirements, they need to be excluded as a potential option. There is a bit of flexibiltity around meeting "should have" requirements, but this is where you track the providers side by side to see how they compare favourably for your business.

The Next Step: Final Review of Proposals...



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